Gonzalez Group

Tailoring Systems to the Demanding Requirements of the
Automotive, Aerospace and Defense Industries Since 1975.

Gonzalez Group

All Around Precision

Gonzalez Design Group is the leading full-service integrator of tooling and assembly systems, from transportation to aerospace and defense. Wherever precision is essential, Gonzalez is equipped to deliver unmatched manufacturing expertise at world class quality and cost. Whether it’s of full spectrum of staffing solutions, stand-alone manufacturing cells, process engineering, fully-integrated assembly systems or complete project management, Gonzalez is built to meet your toughest challenges and deliver all around precision at every step.

Since 1975,

the Gonzalez companies are proudly minority and family owned, providing unmatched expertise and service in the transportation, electronics and defense industries with the highest quality products and services to meet their diverse challenges. Today, Gonzalez maintains a global network built to exceed its clients’ complex needs and to anticipate their ever-evolving requirements.


what Gonzalez Group has to offer you – all around precision at every touch point in your manufacturing processes.
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Global Footprint

Think globally. Act locally. Gonzalez delivers on this mantra with strategic alliances and partnerships in major global markets. We manage a network of the best worldwide engineering and design talent to produce one design solution, one time. Then Gonzalez leverages these strategic partnerships for local manufacturing, service and support. A one-time investment in design can be replicated and deployed in multiple locations worldwide.