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  • Taxi Seguro TEL: (442) 261-1450
  • Radio Taxi TEL: (442) 217-0730 TEL: (442) 412-9587

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  • Getting In. Passports are now a major entry requirements for Mexico, including visitors from Canada. Be sure to get a tourist card from your airline on your flight to Mexico to fill out and keep safe until your departure time.
  • Take the Bus. Buses are an inexpensive and convenient way of getting around Mexico between cities. You can take a First Class bus with air conditioning, televisions, stewardesses or take a Second Class for your basic bus. Go to Ticketbus.com.mx for info, fares and schedules for city-to-city buses in Mexico. Taking the Turibus in Mexico City is a great way to see city as well as experience what many Mexico locals do every day. Trains are a bit more expensive but offer sleeping compartments for overnight journeys.
  • When and Where to Visit. Each region of Mexico offers a different climate throughout the year. It can get cooler and rainy in central Mexico from June to September while on the west-coast or the Mexican Riviera, there’s tropical weather year-round.
  • Tipping in Mexico. Always keep loose change or small bills with you when travelling through Mexico because tips are expected and appreciated for good service. A general guide: is $1 to $2 for bags and concierge services, $1 to $5 for maids daily for services, 10 to 15 percent at spas, $1 for valet, 10 to 15 percent of cheque in restaurants, 10 percent in bars or cantinas and 5 to 10 pesos for a taxi driver.
  • Drinking & Using Water. Tap water is not safe for drinking, brushing your teeth, washing foods or for ice cubes in rinks. Most hotels and restaurants use purified water but be sure to check before using. Bottled water and other commercially produced drinks, wine, beer or spirits are perfectly safe. In fact, Mexico is one of the largest bottled water industries in the world.
  • Driving and Renting a Car in Mexico. To rent a car in Mexico, you have to be twenty-five years or older with a valid driver’s license and a major credit card. Otherwise, highway/freeway systems are similar to most big cities around the world except for a large number of toll booths so be sure to keep small bills and change to pay the tolls. Auto insurance is also necessary and most car rental agencies sell it as part of a package since foreign insurance policies are usually void.
  •  Spending Money and Bargaining. The banks and ATM’s have become very reliable and offer good exchange rates while stores and restaurants offer a much higher conversion. Bargaining is half the fun when you’re shopping in Mexico’s markets and stalls, both buyers and vendors usually have a great time. If you don’t speak Spanish, get the vendor to show you in bills how much they’re asking for.Via http://www.divinecaroline.com/30/72269-visiting-mexico-tips-stay-safe#ixzz1nExK5WZp

El Aeropuerto Intercontinental de Querétaro se encuentra ubicado en los municipios de El Marqués y Colón a 32 kilometros de la capital Queretana.
Carretera Estatal 200 Qro. - Tequisquiapan No. 22500 Colón Querétaro, México. C.P.76270 Tel.:(442)192 55 00.