Patented Approach, Innovative Technologies.

Gonzalez Automotive

Gonzalez built its proud history as a high-quality minority automotive and manufacturing supplier since its foundation in 1975. With over 40 years servicing the automotive industry, Gonzalez Design Group has continually provided unmatched precision and customized manufacturing solutions to the ever-changing transportation landscape.

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Understanding the need for efficiency and quality in the hyper-competitive, global automotive marketplace, Gonzalez Design Group grew to maintain operations in Mexico and strategic partnerships in Romania and China, allowing Gonzalez to capitalize on high-quality, low-cost component sourcing options.

Combined with the expertise derived from our years with the major OEMs in the automotive industry and a close proximity in the Southeastern Michigan region, Gonzalez Automotive are able to provide solutions for a wide variety of requirements, from low volume specialty build to fully automated systems that incorporate vision and the latest joining technologies.

Systems Experience

  • Closures
  • Body Sides
  • Sub-Assemblies
  • Underbody
  • Automated Glass Installation
  • Vision Assisted Racking and De-Racking
  • Remote Laser Measurement
  • Automated and Manual Hang Tools
  • Carriers
  • Dash and Motor Compartment
  • Fastening systems
    • Aluminum Welding
    • Self-Piercing Rivets
    • Adhesive Systems
    • Remote Laser Welding
    • Nut Runners
    • Clinching
    • Magnesium to Aluminum Joining




Years in business


Alliances globally



Proven Expertise

Gonzalez Production Systems has extensive background in the utilization of lightweight high strength materials from Aluminum to hot stamped steels.  We are proven experts in the use of remote laser welding and self-piercing rivets to join the myriad of components necessary to lightweight and strengthen today’s cars and trucks.  Our vision aided robotic guidance systems are being utilized in plants across North America to insure quality and reduce cost.

Project Management

Project management is the key to success in the complex world of automotive manufacturing operations. Utilizing our web based project management system and 4 Click document control system our PMP certified experts keep track of every aspect of your project.

Customers have secure access to our system allowing them to view the status of each job on their PC from anywhere in the world, insuring the communication channels are clear and any open issues are addressed with in a timely manner, before they become a concern.

  • Web-based timing chart for status & planning
  • Project Issues data entry and reporting
  • Photo and video uploads
  • Drawings
  • Field Service Reporting
  • Buyoff Documentation
  • Customer Standards
  • Internal and Customer Project Tools

From closure systems to full body assembly lines, from glass cells to Vehicle on Wheels measurement systems our team has the background and proven track record to support the timely execution of your program. As your partner in providing cost effective state of the art systems, Gonzalez is the only choice to insure the success of your next program.


Win with Project Management